7/24/18 Opening for Barefoot Truth this Saturday! 

This Saturday night I'll be playing the opening set for the Barefoot Truth reunion concert at The Sinclair in Cambridge, MA! I'm beyond excited to open for one of my favorite bands and to play at such a great venue. I've been to tons of Barefoot Truth shows over the years, have been covering their songs at my own shows, and always hoped I'd get this opportunity one day. Tickets here.

7/11/18 Launching a new house concerts page 

Today I'm spreading the word that I'm making a push to book as many house concerts as possible! After playing a number of them in the last few years all around the country, and having such great experiences at each show, I'm hooked on the concept. It's about connecting over music and friendship in the comfortable, intimate setting of someone's home.

I just put together this video reel from previous shows, and launched a page here on my website with all the info on how these shows work and testimonials from previous hosts. Please check it out and get in touch if you're interested in hosting or co-hosting!

3/1/18 Tracking for the new album has begun 

The first recording session for the new album took place at Wellspring Sound this week. Engineer, Matt Hayes, captured some great acoustic guitar, upright bass, and drum sounds. Looking forward to overdubbing the rest of the parts on these tunes and cutting basics for the others.