3/17/12 Happy St. Patty's Day 

Fun times recording the backing track and starring in this hilarious video from Vaudeville Pictures.

10/25/12 New Video: "You and I, we're the same..." 

Here's my go at The Avett Brothers' tune "Live and Die," which I submitted to their Live and Die Cover Contest. You'll see that the lyrics of the chorus, "you and I, we're the same..." happen to fit quite nicely with my version. (Hint: I cloned myself!)

9/12/12 NEW SITE! 

Hey everyone, I'm glad you've found your way to my new site! I've been working hard learning the ways of the web, and I'm pumped to finally have this up and running. Check back here for info on shows, new videos, new music, etc. Before you click around to see the sights and hear the sounds, please take a moment to join my mailing list (and get a free download of my song 'Break Out').


Sl promo photo 1 by barrett lawson lo res